We have many dreams and you reading this means that one of our biggest dreams is becoming a reality!  We are young, we love music, we are addicted to being married to each other, we live an abundant life, but we also are real people.  We work hard.  We play harder.  Sometimes we get grumpy.  Sometimes incredible things happen to us.  Sometimes we help people.  Sometimes other people help us.  One time I (Kevin) tried to dig a hole to China.  We’ve experienced some truly amazing things in the short time we’ve been alive.  But we have also walked through some times so tough we don’t have words to describe them.

       We think life is better when you focus on the good things:) And we’ve discovered that no good comes from dwelling on the bad.  We live by our faith in God through Jesus Christ and it makes us stronger than we could ever be on our own.  We want to live in a world where honor, respect, virtue, and integrity are not dead.  We know for a fact that there is hope for everyone even if we don’t know all the answers.  We think every human is far from perfect, but that the potential for good lives inside us all.  We believe in telling the truth even when you don’t want to, or the other person doesn’t want to hear it.  We also believe that being realistic is an important part of accomplishing your dreams.  We believe that by this point you are either quite inspired, politely amused, or feeling cynical :)  So let’s wrap this up:

       We think every human desperately wants to be known and loved.  We’ve also realized that finding true community is becoming increasingly more challenging in our society.  We want to help fix this problem with the help of music, and more importantly-- YOU.

       We seek to create music that people can live to.  Music that feeds your body, mind, heart, and soul.  We want to use it as a vehicle to meet and impact as many people as possible.  And we want you to come with us!  We can’t build a community on our own. 

       So give us a listen, don’t pirate our music (unless you show it to hundreds of new fans and you’ll pay it forward later), and if any part of our dream inspires you, then share it with someone.

Enough talk though.

       We really do want to meet every one of you so come out to a show and say hi or drop us a line on social media!  If you still haven’t had enough of us and are more of the creeper type, then here are some fun facts to sate your appetite:

  • We both spent most of our lives in Texas, with some time in Oklahoma sprinkled in there as kids.
  • Brytt has been singing since before she could speak.
  • Kevin has been creating music of some sort since he was 14.
  • Kev grew up in the country without TV.
  • We met in college at The University of Texas at Dallas (WHOOSH!)
  • Both of our favorite colors are blue.
  • Brytt hates lettuce.
  • We love to live and eat healthy.
  • The only thing Kev has ever been grounded from is reading. (nerd)
  • We both love starting and running businesses.
  • Brytt has a degree in Finance.
  • Kevin has a degree in Chemistry.
  • We got married on March 17, 2012.
  • We wrote, performed, recorded, mixed, and produced our debut album, The Alliance, entirely on our own--mostly in our apartment in Austin, Tx.
  • Brittany graduated from college when she was 20. (nerd)
  • Kevin used to be an Engineer at Samsung, and is now an indie app developer (search him in the app store on your smartphone!).
  • We moved to Nashville, TN in January, 2014 to turn our dream into a reality.
  • We don’t speak any other languages but like to talk in accents.

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